French revolution summary for grade 6

Joseph-Ignace Guillotina doctor, member of the Assembly, proposes a new and more humane form of public execution, which eventually is named after him, the guillotine.

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He appears in person twice, December 11 and Or use it to upload your own PowerPoint slides so you can share them with your teachers, class, students, bosses, employees, customers, potential investors or the world.

The Assembly forbids the taking of religious vows and suppresses the contemplative religious orders. This was In striking contrast to the ideals that the revolution espoused.

Sixth Grade (Grade 6) French Revolution Questions

The Assembly orders the deportation of priests who have not signed the oath to the government, known as the Civil Constitution of the Clergy. The King and his family take refuge in the Legislative Assembly. He wanted to stamp out any opposition to the revolution, so he called for a rule of "Terror.

The Assembly declares that all men living in France, regardless of color, are free, but preserves slavery in French colonies. He was known for sending his opponents and others to the Guillotine. National Assembly declares the king inviolable, and cannot be put on trial.

After an orderly march, a crowd of women invade the Palace. Ideas of equality and democratic spread from France to other European countries and feudalism was abolished.

The exception and the abuse are everywhere found beside the rule. The clergy and the nobility were the groups which were forced to relinqu power, how they were forced to give up their privilege e. French citizens are required to have a passport to travel in the interior of the country.

The Reign of Terror got its name because it was a time when many people were executed. The slave uprising in Haiti causes severe shortages of sugar and coffee in Paris.

French Revolution Facts

Lafayette speaks to the Assembly, denouncing the actions of the Jacobins and other radical groups in the Assembly. Three forts are captured, and the commander of Fort Saint-Jeanthe Chevalier de Beausset, is assassinated. French troops occupy Frankfurt am Main.

You can consider the following revolutionaries: During the French Revolution many people were sent to The Guillotine to be beheaded. - The impact of the French Revolution on Ballet The French Revolution was a bloody civil war that lasted from the years [1] The revolution arose out of.

French Revolution Lesson Plan

Beginning of the French Revolution. The Great Fear Rural (in the country) unrest had been present in France since the worsening grain shortage of the spring, and the grain supplies were now guarded by local militias as rumors that bands of armed men were roaming the countryside spread.

The idea of liberty and democratic rights was the most important legacy of the French Revolution. List the names of two Indians who responded to the ideas of Revolutionary France.

Sixth Grade (Grade 6) French Revolution Questions

Learn 6th grade vocabulary french revolution with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of 6th grade vocabulary french revolution flashcards on Quizlet. Edmund Burke (), Reflections on the Revolution in France () Attacked the revolution as a crime against the social order The French had turned their back on history.

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The French Revolution Absolutism Absolute monarchs didn’t share power with a counsel or parliament “Divine Right of Kings” The Seigneurial System Feudal method of land ownership and organization Peasant labor Louis XIV Ruled from – Reduced the power of the nobility Fought four wars Greatly increased France’s national debt The Seven Years’ War Louis XV War fought in Europe.

French revolution summary for grade 6
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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) French Revolution Questions for Tests and Worksheets