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Do not copy the content of the entire article. It is usually a formal piece of writing done according to current accepted conventions. A summary is a recap of the important information of the source, but a synthesis is a re-organization, or a reshuffling, of that information in a way that informs how you are planning to investigate a research problem.

Identify areas of prior scholarship to prevent duplication of effort. Narrow the Topic The narrower your topic, the easier it will be to limit the number of sources you need to read in order to obtain a good survey of relevant resources.

Sex of subject was a control variable. Be sure to say whether your answer varies from finding to finding. If your assignment requires it, include where you got your paper. Tue, 02 Oct Do NOT "dump" all the measurement details here.

Writing an Article Review

It is hard to explain this question clearly, because how to do it depends very much on what your article is like. However, when writing a review in the social sciences, a survey of the history of the literature may be required. Dany Bahar reckons there are 2, people worldwide who each keep cars, acquiring specially reconstructed models that nobody else owns.

Related items that provide additional information but that are not key to understanding the research problem can be included in a list of further readings. From the Internet to Paper. What are book summaries.

Sort through other current bibliographies or literature reviews in the field to get a sense of what your discipline expects.

Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: The Literature Review

That is, what were the initial items of information obtained and what were their attributes. The last sentence of your paragraph should reiterate the main idea of the news article. Call this variable "a" in your outline.

Write your topic sentence that is the main idea of the article. Often this form is used to help establish a lack of appropriate theories or reveal that current theories are inadequate for explaining new or emerging research problems.

How the relevant variables were originally measured on the units of analysis. The purpose is to develop a body of literature that establishes a contrarian viewpoint. Systematic Reviews in the Social Sciences: At this point consider: First off, skim the text you are going to summarize and divide it into sections.

Thinking About Your Literature Review The structure of a literature review should include the following: Do write your own name on copies you turn in to me. The summary must be printed with a word processor. The summary should contain the following elements. The summary should contain the following elements.

Your teacher may allow you to submit via email with a link to the article instead. Choose an article that is fresh since the assignment is to write about a current event.

In addition, choose an article on the correct topic and make sure that the article gives enough information. Prepare to write the summary by reading the entire article. The Scientist's articles tagged with: marine biology. Scuba diving alongside the fish, scientists used ultrasound equipment to image females’ reproductive organs.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Full text Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (M), or click on a page image below to browse page by page.

Follow today's business news on TheStreet. Get articles, analysis and opinions of today's business news from our 14 Wall Street headquarters. Concepts Taught: current events, article summary, environmental science Environmental science is a study of current events.

As new technologies develop, as politics change, and as the human population grows, our impact and influence on the environmental also changes.

Current article summary
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