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One of the things that makes the Apology so effective a piece of literature is the fact that it is, at bottom, the account of a trial. But that bosom will approve, that, even at so great an expense, I should effectually wipe away a more serious stain from a name which it cherishes with no less elevation than tenderness.

The Mabo v Queensland No 2 case commonly known as the Mabo case attracted great media and public attention to itself and to all issues related Apology summary the government treatment of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia, and most notably the Stolen Generations.

Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, and Phaedo

Nevillethe Chief Protector of Aborigines for Western Australiaand others as late as was that mixed-race children could be trained to work in white society, and over generations would marry white and be assimilated into the society. What it represents above all is philosophy as Socrates or Plato, if we want to be fastidious about itunderstood and wished to promote it.

Despite his poverty, this was a minor punishment compared to the death penalty proposed by the prosecutors, and encouraged by the judges of the trial. The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination concluded its discussion of Australia's 12th report on its actions [36] by acknowledging "the measures taken to facilitate family reunion and to improve counselling and family support services for the victims", but expressed concern: I have this preposial to make to you.

Alexander Hamilton’s Adultery and Apology

The defence of Socrates[ edit ] Socrates begins his legal defence by telling the jury that their minds were poisoned by his enemies, when they the jury were young and impressionable.

On the one hand, he firmly believed that the gods do not lie; on the other hand, he was equally convinced that he was in fact not wise. Cecil Cookargued that "everything necessary [must be done] to convert the half-caste into a white citizen".

This is why Socrates remains true to his way of life even though he is on trial for his life, and will probably be sentenced to death. It is these earlier accusers, who were exposed by his rational method to be following a morally subversive lifestyle that wants to get rid of him.

The apology text was as follows: Crucially, Socrates points out that both these assumptions are baseless. He then argues that if he corrupted the young he did so unknowingly since Socrates believes that one never deliberately acts wrongly.

However, in the subsequent case of Kruger v Commonwealththe High Court judges rejected the claim of the plaintiffs that the Aboriginals Ordinance [69] authorised genocide as defined by the Convention and ruled that there was no legislation to implement the Convention under Australian municipal law at the time.

Socrates carries on this vein and presents his arguments as an imaginary dialogue between him and his chief accuser Meletusridiculing him and showing up the anti-logic of the accusations.

Policemen or other agents of the state some designated as "Aboriginal Protection Officers" were given the power to locate and transfer babies and children of mixed descent from their mothers, families, and communities into institutions for care.

The idea expressed by A. In relation to whether the action in NSW courts was limited by the passage of time, the Court of Appeal, reversing Studdert J, extended the limitation period for the non-equitable claims by about three decades pursuant to s 60G of the Limitation Act NSW: In a subsequent interview with the ABC, Doris recalled her removal in from her mother at age three or four, and subsequent rearing at the settlement.

Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, and Phaedo

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I was at the post office with my Mum and Auntie [and cousin]. He wanted to write a book in which he would explain his mathematical philosophy to the next generation of mathematicians; that would defend mathematics by elaborating on the merits of pure mathematics solely, without having to resort to the attainments of applied mathematics in order to justify the overall importance of mathematics; and that would inspire the upcoming generations of pure mathematicians.

Plato and Socrates’ Apology (Summary)

The function of a mathematician is to do something, to prove new theorems, to add to mathematics, and not to talk about what he or other mathematicians have done.

A Mathematician's Apology is a essay by British mathematician G.

Apology Summary

H. turnonepoundintoonemillion.com concerns the aesthetics of mathematics with some personal content, and gives the layman an insight into the mind of a working mathematician. Thanks Hugo for the feedback and thanks for pointing out how the Swaggart Bible changes the heading from “qaulificatoins” to “qualities.”.

The text of the apology did not refer to compensation to Aboriginal people as a whole, nor to members of the Stolen Generations specifically.

The Defense of the Augsburg Confession

Rudd followed the apology with a minute speech to the house about the need for this action. Summary The Apology is believed to be the most authentic account that has been preserved of Socrates' defense of himself as it was presented before the Athenian.

Summary Plato's The Apology is an account of the speech Socrates makes at the trial in which he is charged with not recognizing the gods recognized by the.

Apology in this case refers to an explanation or defense. Socrates had lived the life of a philosopher, engaging those around him in dialogue. Socrates had lived the life of a philosopher.

Apology summary
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Apology by Plato